Sustainability Environmental Audit
Forensic Advantage Systems is continuously auditing itself on environmental issues. The organization has remained pro-active on these issues since the company’s leadership initiated a formal audit in 1994. Over the years more comprehensive audits were performed and administered throughout the enterprise. As a result a committee has been created to address policy for purchasing equipment and consumables, analyzing energy use as well as provide direction for employee awareness and behavior.


Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Practices

Forensic Advantage Systems’ Environmental Policy addresses the issue of instituting environmentally responsible purchasing practices. The Forensic Advantage facilities and purchasing managers have been working diligently to integrate waste reduction into internal operations as well as vendor contracts, considering the purchase of products made from recycled materials as well as products with low-toxicity. It is however recognized that this is an enormous challenge as the marketplace is just beginning to provide materials that meet appropriate performance specifications and competitive pricing options.


Accomplishments through Purchasing Activities

Forensic Advantage Systems’ leadership has encouraged the purchase and use of recycled content paper for over 14 years. As this material has become cost competitive and able to conform to high standards, the company has actively been eliminating the use of non-recycled paper. Nearly 90% of the copy papers currently in use contain approximately 50% of recycled content.


Office Supply

Forensic Advantage Systems maintains a reusable office supply and furniture exchange. Employees are able to leave things they do not require and obtain what they need. The reusable office supply exchange program has averaged approximately $11,000 in annual savings from purchasing new office supplies, while the exchange has enabled employees to access nearly $24,000 in office furniture annually. The company also purchases recycled carpet made from 100% recycled materials.


Maximizing Energy Efficiency

The organization has been pro-active on incorporating energy conservation and efficiency into all operations and employee education. As described above the Forensic Advantage Systems Environmental Policy addresses the issue of energy conservation throughout its practices. The major energy items addressed are:


» Purchase energy efficient computers, monitors, peripherals, storage devices and related equipment

» Purchase copy machines that provide double sided copying as well as energy saving features

» Examine existing energy use to determine energy efficiency priorities for employees during their work activities

This commitment to sustainability leaves its mark on the physical layout of Forensic Advantage Systems’ office space and customer sites where the organization’s employees conduct their technical activities.